James Law

Ever the cool dude, James has been writing about games for a while. A gaming enthusiast from a young age, he decided to start writing because none of his friends wanted to listen to his gaming-related hot takes. He figured that maybe some people online would, and here we are.

Favourite games: Football Manager 2012, Football Manager 2013, Football Manager 2014, Football Manager 2015, Football Manager 2016, Hearthstone, Night In The Woods, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Ganondorf main).

You can follow his twitter @JamesMacLaw if you have some kind of death wish.


Imogen Calypso Mellor

Calypso doesn’t like spare time it seems. If she isn’t playing Overwatch or doing a degree, she’s shooting a bow, editing pieces or occasionally getting punched in the face doing kickboxing. With a passion for point and click adventures and knowledge of how to fletch an arrow, she is a little more ready for an apocalypse than you.

She’s just waiting for her time.

Favourite Games: Skyrim, Portal 2, Overwatch, Ratchet and Clank (most of them), Tetris (99).

Follow her Twitter @ImoMellor for intelligently worded opinions on games and *checks notes* Billie Eilish.

Special Thanks:

Roshni Patel

Mike Thomas